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The very first dot-com domain ever registered celebrates 30th birthday today

The inception of everything you see online happened on 15th March 1985, a forgotten leap in information technology world – World’s first domain name was registered by Symbolics, Inc. as www.symbolics.com. Can’t live without the internet? Just imagine what it was like in 1985 when on this very day the first ever .com domain was registered.symbolics

The registered domain of this 30 year old domain is a record in itself, but you may be curious to find out what it was and how it is functioning today. We are talking about the world before Apple, Android or any sophisticated gadget and 4G and LTE were not even thought about. The internet was a luxury in those days and it was before Macintosh and Microsoft PC became a household name. Most people studying science or computers had to build their own machines on their own.


The domain we are talking about is not living up to its name as it was registered by Lisp computer maker Symbolics, Inc, which was a computer manufacturer back in 1985. The web address is sitting idle as the now defunct company for whose web presence this domain name was registered.

Five years back this domain was bought by XF.com, a company whose core business is internet investments. The company acquired the domain and celebrated the 25th anniversary as a milestone. As internet is evolving at a really fast rate, such historic things really can take us down the memory lane, when media and news were not that spread all over the web.

The site will definitely get a huge traffic this week considering the anniversary date and coverage it will get on websites. Also Symbolics, Inc. is mentioned over a few blogs for the growth and products it brought into the world in the 80s and 90s. The domain name enjoys few hundred visits everyday, but they will spike in the week of its 30th birthday. Still, the owner of the site looks like hasn’t prepared for the celebrations and we think the domain name has been under-used. There can be more possibilities for this historic domain name to encash the celebrity status of becoming the first ever domain name. Whatever, Happy birthday Symbolics.com, Hallelujah!

Here is a screenshot from Archive.org, which cached the site on March 1997:


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