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iOS 8.2 available for upgrade; iOS 8.3 Public Beta launched for developers

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is trying hard to continue riding the merry ride that it had last year owing to the overwhelming success of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. But sadly, with their operating system, iOS 8 and its upgrades, they have not able to recreate the magic. There have been a lot of issues troubling the users and Apple Inc. has not been able to find out the solution to it. With some important bugs not fixed and issues not solved, Apple has released an update to its mobile operating system; iOS 8.2. Now, the question troubling quite a few users is that whether they should go for the upgrade.apple-ios-8.3-beta

Let us get into the mix of things. The fact is that iOS 8 as well as iOS 8.1 had a lot of issues that troubled the users and most of them are expecting a solution to them in iOS 8.2. But sadly, a lot of serious issues have been kept unsolved in this upgrade. According to the reports, the most important trouble of the loss of connection via WiFi has been kept unresolved. This means that even if you upgrade to iOS 8.2, you might, well, lose the connection in the middle of an important download or upload, etc..


In addition, iOS 8.2 comes with a bloatware, which will do nothing except for blocking the system memory of the device. What need do you have on an Apple Watch app, if you do not own it? Now, in case you are planning to buy an Apple Watch, when it goes on sale this April, the application is of use for you. Thus, this is a tricky case, about the need of the application.

To be true, there are a few good aspects as well. As I mentioned, if you are planning for an Apple Watch, the application will serve the purpose as the watch will not work without a compatible device. The Health Kit has also received a few upgrades that will allow the users to have a better analysis. The bugs with respect to the health kit have also been fixed. With quite a few additions and bugs being fixed, iOS 8.2 is certainly considerable.

On the other hand, Apple Inc. has launched a public beta version of iOS 8.3. The iPhone makers have invited the developers who worked with OS X Yosemite, to try out the beta version of iOS 8.3 as well. The launch of a public beta version of iOS just after the launch of iOS 8.2, probably points to the fact that Apple is trying out to fix the issues as quickly as it can. With the WiFi trouble hanging over, it is important for Apple to find out a fix soon.

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