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Blackberry launched high-security SecuTablet priced at $2,300

Blackberry on Saturday announced the launch of high-security SecuTablet, developed in partnership with International Business Machines Corp (IBM) and Samsung Electronic Co Ltd. The tablet focuses on secure communications and is undergoing certification at German Federal Office for Information Security for secure rating.blackberry

The tablet was displayed by Blackberry at tech fair CeBIT 2015  in Germany and is based on Samsung Galaxy Tab s 10.5 Blackberry has utilized the expertise of IBM, Samsung and Secusmart. Secusmart was acquired last year by the company to make use of its encryption technology. SecuTablet includes software from IBM, a special internal memory card from Secusmart and several cryptographic chips.


“Security is ingrained in every part of Blackberry’s portfolio which includes voice and data encryption solutions,” said Dr.Hans -Christoph Quelle, CEO at Secusmart GmbH.

Quelle stated that German agencies will have a way to access Blackberry’s secure services prior to certification. The operating system in the tablet will be tamper proof as it uses Knox secure-boot system of Samsung. The software from IBM ensures that the tablet has a two layered security system. The entire team at Secusmart is hopeful of its success in the long run. SecuTablet with a 16GB internal storage, is priced at $2,300 for enterprise.

Blackberry has failed to withstand competition in the smartphone market, dominated by Apple and Samsung. With a focus on secure communications, the company hopes gain a foothold in the tablet market with a focus on secure communications. In the past one and a half years, it was speculated that Blackberry was working on Playbook 2. Several world leaders including US President Barack Obama, use a Blackberry smartphone due to security concerns. With a good secure rating from the German agency, the tablet can stand out in the niche market.

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