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New biography: Tim Cook once offered his liver to dying Steve Jobs

A new Steve Jobs biography reveals the close friendship between Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) co-founder Steve Jobs and Apple CEO Tim Cook. The book includes several revelations like Cook’s liver transplant offer to Jobs and his plans to buy Yahoo.steve-jobs-tim-cook

The book “Becoming Steve Jobs” reveals that Cook could donate a part of his liver after the blood type matched with Tim Cook’s blood type and could save him from pancreatic cancer. Cook stated that Jobs refused the offer just after he made the request. Cook believes that Walter Isaacson’s biography of the co-founder was “unoriginal” and centered on “small parts” of his personality. The new biography is written by a Veteran Technologies reporter, Brent Schlender and Quickly Organization executive editor RickTetzeli.


“He cut me off at the legs, almost prior to the words were out of my mouth,” said Cook to the authors of the book.

The book also mentions Cook’s friendship with Disney CEO Bob Iger and they planned to secretly “buying Yahoo”. Jobs reportedly had meaningful discussions with Iger and they both used to have whiteboard brainstorming sessions. Users are likely to be disappointed with the book as it reveals the secretive nature of Jobs, which it continues even now. However, the book contains limited details on the problems faced by Apple while developing products and managing the company.

In the book Cook says that Isaccson’s biography did a tremendous disservice and people get a feeling that Jobs was a greedy selfish egomaniac. The book does not contain the stories from people who worked along with Cook as they refused to talk. Apple refused to comment on the book that is set to release on March 24. The book gives users an insight into the relation between Jobs and Apple with limited information about the growth of the company.

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