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Apple’s public beta testing initiative results in a useful iOS 8.3

Surprisingly, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) had come out with a new people-centric strategy when it asked OS X beta testers to try the new iOS 8.3 Beta in an email sent by Apple to the developers on Thursday. The email did not fail to mention that it was the first time that Apple was broadening the program to include the all-new iOS Beta.apple-ios-8.3-beta

The invitation to test the new iOS beta also thanked the developers for the feedback that they provided on the OS X Yosemite Beta which helped Apple to shape their OS X.


The result of involving a wider user base proved beneficial for Apple designers after they released the new iOS 8.3 beta version with a slight little change in its Keyboard. Apple users may recollect that the previous OS 8.1 was causing a lot of problems to people who used the keyboard on an Apple phone. The keyboard contained a large “full stop” button and a large “go” button with the spacebar of a slightly smaller proportional size. This was causing many users to “type.like.this” because when they intended to press the spacebar, their thumbs would sometimes land up on the full stop button.

Realizing this simple yet annoying problem through its public feedback, Apple then updated its keyboard in the latest OS installment. In the newer keyboard, the spacebar has been elongated to a larger length at the cost of the sizes of the full stop button and the ‘go’ button. This simple change has improved the user experience for Apple’s users. Most likely Apple will retain this design for the final version as well.

The beta OS was made available for testing only to a select number of developers which Apple had specifically invited for testing. However, lay customers too can sign up for the program through applying to the Apple Seed Beta site, which requires the user to first possess an Apple ID and either a Mac machine or a Time capsule. Any iOS device with iTunes installed on it will also make a lay user eligible for signing up for the beta testing program.

Apple’s open invitation to a broader base helps Apple in many ways. First, it gives Apple a more public and transparent face as opposed to the secretive character which Apple had built up over the years. Secondly, the public will get better say in deciding what it wants to pay for.

Thirdly, it improves Apple’s brand engagement by involving its customers directly in the product design and development stage. Fourthly, Apple will benefit from an early report on all the possible bugs that need to be fixed, thus improving customer experience. Lastly, it also reduces the amount of resources that Apple needs to put in for constant testing and debugging.

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