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Google Adsense adds social casino games to its ad category

Google Adsense from Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) has announced that it is going to start a beta program which will test the social casino games. These casino games are included in an ad category which is quite sensitive. These ads will be displayed all around the Google’s ad system, which contains search, Google Display Network, YouTube and via AdMob. This default display of ads will be done unless the publisher opt for a main target where these ads are only to be displayed.google

Gambling games which provide no opportunity to win any kind of prizes or money are termed as ‘Social Casino Games’. These stimulated gambling games include various gambling games like poker, bingo, slots, lotteries, card games, bets (sports or races) and more.

About the beta

Ads for Social Casino Games will be supported by Adsense around March 2015, as a limited beta program. This beta program will include sites, apps and ads in English only.

Eligibility requirements

To participate in this beta program you need to be the operator of a social casino game (not an aggregate or affiliate). In addition to this you need to be an existing Adsense customer (with good history).

If you meet the above mentioned requirements, then you have an opportunity to promote the sites or apps that you wish as a part of this beta program.

Additional requirements for your site or app

  • Your site, app or ad should not provide or link to any source that provides prizes of value like money or something else. Gambling advertisements appearing on your site or app are also included in this criteria.
  • Sites and apps should be distinguishable from any other domain on which your business may offer ‘real time money’.
  • You need to clearly inform the users that — the games included are for an adult audience, no real money gambling will be offered or promoted through it and practice or success through these social casino games will not lead them to success in ‘real money gambling’.

Your site or app may not get approved, if any of these requirements is not met. So, by keeping these restrictions Google Ad Network has restricted this beta program to some reliable customers (sites, apps or ads) only.

Through this beta program the social gambling game ads are sure to be boosted through social networks and the market is set to reach $4.4 billion, this year (2015).

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