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Apple introduces the tiniest USB Type-C port with its 2015 MacBook Air

A normal laptop today has more than 4 USB ports to support various chargers and pen drives as well. But today, Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) is challenging its users by not providing more than 2 ports altogether in their latest MacBook. Apple has launched its new MacBook with a very strong design which has a standard USB 3.1 port and a normal port for the charging wire.apple-usb-type-c-macbook

Apple had done a similar type of changes in its older version of MacBook Air which had a similar USB port and monitor port. Apple had to compromise with its ports as it is a very thin phone which cannot handle more than 2 ports which is a headphone jack, and a new USB Type-C port (USB-C for short) and the bad part is there is no separate power connector and that’s also USB Type-C port has to handle.


The USB port on this particular MacBook is lesser than a normal phone USB. A normal phone has USB type-A format, but this MacBook port is smaller than a normal port. Operating on the new USB Power Delivery v2.0 standard, USB-C setups are able to draw up to 5 amps at 20 volts (100 watts) which means that it can charge the most power using laptops as well. The MacBook is faster than the way it looks. It may appear to be a very small product, but it’s faster than many laptops and for the usage of the people.

USB-C can function as an entryway for a variety of other assembly standards, using something called an “Alternate Mode.” This piece basically dedicates some of the cable’s wires to convey, transfer and broadcasting data for other protocols.

We are still used to using the USB-C port until now and the adoption of the new port even for its loyal consumers could be difficult. But there is an assurance that people are likely to espouse this quickly.

Official Video of 2015 MacBook Air:

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