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Facebook to explain more about your activities to its advertisers

Social media has always been one of the most concrete bases for advertising for all leading and biggest companies. All prominent brands give out their advertisements on social media platform so that it can reach to mass audiences and there could be mass propaganda and marketing of a company. The most leading website for online advertising and brand building is Facebook.Facebook-3

Facebook has found has a new way to use its valuable information based on user data which can help several companies which advertise on Facebook to get all possible feedbacks and also assemble data and statistics for a better promotion of their brand.


The social networking site is launching a new product called the Topic Data which various firms can use as a platform to know what their consumers have to say about various commodities, activities, posts and events organized by a company. The company has launched this particular product due to the various requests of companies who wish to improve their marketing strategies with the help of user information.

But there is a possible dissatisfaction amongst the users who feel that their personal information could be leaked to other companies. But Facebook guarantees that only collective and aggregated information of the users will be disclosed and none of their personal information will be leaked.

Companies have already been using Facebook as a strong medium of advertising, but Facebook is the first of its kind to launch a complete new product for the benefit of companies. For example a hair shampoo company might use the available demographics to see what their customers need when they have to handle their hair in a hot and humid environment which is common in a country like India.

Such a tool can also be used for research purposes by a company which can know what their customers need. Companies such as StockTwits and DataMinr track social-media services using with the goal of providing insights for clients in finance, media and the public sector. So this platform can be very useful for all the companies.

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