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Apple launches Watch, loaded with smart applications

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has finally launched its smartwatch – Apple Watch, along with few interesting apps for the gadget. Coming with Aluminium, Gold and other sports variants, Apple Watch will be released on April 24, 2015.apple-watch-launch

Everyone today wants a very easy and comfortable lifestyle. They don’t want to do anything of their own. They just want the technology around them to help them in the tiniest work possible. Today’s world is a Smartphone world. Everyone uses a smartphone to complete their chores. But now there are also smartwatches that have been introduced by various mobile phone manufacturers. One of the most prominent members of the smartwatch family is none other than Apple, i.e., Apple Watch.


Applications on a Smartphone are a very common thing now. But now you will be astonished to find such similar applications on the Smartwatch as well. And people buy things only on the basis of these applications which their phone can support. Hence today Google has been increasing application in its play store so that it can satisfy the exclusive needs of those customers who are ready to spend hundreds on one particular application.

The Apple Smartwatch comes with applications loaded for its daily use, which the users can use on the go. This watch comes with a special Apple watch application which one can get once they update and upgrade their phone into the next version which is the new iOS 8.2 version.

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Once you upgrade, you will find a watch application and when you press that button you are able to get the information and the application activated. It is a very productive way of marketing it. It will constantly provoke and influence you to buy the product, in a way helping the company.

For now, the Apple Watch app tempts and attracts its loyal consumers with product videos so that they can buy it, but there is a greater possibility that there will be an update in the smartwatch soon. This application notifies you every half minute that it’s time to buy the commodity. The application cannot be deleted from the phone ever.

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