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The Megalist of the best Apple Watch apps

The world is eagerly waiting for the launch of the much hyped Apple Watch, which was announced in September 2014. Hopefully, its launch is expected to be made soon, which will be a kind of revolution in the world of wearables.

This smartwatch by Apple is surely going to shake the world as the manufactures are expecting about 30 million sales in the very first year after its launch. Keeping this in mind, we have come up with some of the best Apple Watch apps that will blow your mind.


1. Pipes

Pipes is a news app that enables you to track down the news of your choice with the help of certain keywords and what’s trending. The Pipes press team has utilized this app to make news more entertaining and fun for the readers. It helps in keeping you up-to-date with the latest global news and fends for your area of interest too.


2. BMWi

This app helps you to keep track of your electric i3 vehicle. The BMWi helps you to track the current position of the car, lets you know the remaining charge in the battery and reminds you to charge it on time apart from locking and unlocking it. News id there that this app will allow you to command the car to park itself, but this feature may be available after some time.


3. Home Remote

Home Remote allows you to operate the machineries at home, even when you are away. It helps in locking and unlocking the door, switching lights on and off and even operating the kettle with just a touch or voice recognition. According to developer Gary Riches this app will “provide quick, easy, convenient access to the everyday commands you need.”

4. Twitter

The small display of the Apple Watch is simply perfect for the 140 character messages on Twitter. The Twitter app of the watch will allow users to tweet, attach pictures, retweet or dismiss a tweet apart from the usual liking and disliking of a tweet.


5. Facebook

The clean and efficient display of the watch is supposed to show the Facebook notification, along with the friend request and “dismiss” button. However Zuckerberg and his team are also working on figuring out ways to update status and check ins via the watch in an intuitive manner.

6. Infinitweet

As for the real version, the Apple Watch version of Infinitweet will also convert long messages into images so that you won’t have to worry about the 140 character limit, the only difference being that this will work with voice recognition so that you can comfortably tweet on the go.


7. MoneyWiz

Personal Finance: MoneyWiz eases your financial headaches by bringing your budget, account and bills in one place. It helps you to update your income and expense on the go. It also syncs the MoneyWiz for iOS app automatically.


8. TL;DR

TL;DR app is for the ones who believe ‘brief is the new polite’ and that emails should be to the point, short and sweet.  The app helps in displaying the email in the form of cards so that you can grasp the whole thing at once. It also displays the emails based on contents, time required to read the message and allows you to open the mail on your iPhone.

9. Exact Fitness Timer

This Apple Watch app helps you to track intervals between workouts. The developer Armen Papshev and team are working on various technical aspects to make this app stand out among the other fitness app present on the App Store.


10. Passbook

Apart from tracking your boarding passes, like the usual app, Passbook on Apple Watch will also have a Pay whereby you can make payments for things with just a tap, thanks to Visa.


11. Launch Centre Pro

This app helps you to perform everyday tasks with just a tap at your wrist, without the adverse complexities. With the help of the IFTTT feature, users will be able to create and execute potential work flows. Founder David Barnard and team are willing to work with the Apple team to find ways to improve the initial “conservative” version of the app.


12. Jawbone Up

Jawbone Up is a fitness tracker which will have all the sensors of Up. This app plays well with the Apple Health and integrates ‘smart coach’ and connects with calorie counters and diet apps.


13. Feed Wrangler

Feed Wrangler allows you to read the headlines of all the feed and allows you to mark things as ‘read’ or put things off to the ‘later read’ section. It also allows you to switch between your watch and other Apple devices.


14. Office Time

This app will help you track your times with ease. You can just tap on your wrist when you enter a meeting and tap again when it’s over and the app in the watch will sync the same with your iPhone. At the end of the week you will be able to find out where your time went and with ease, thus helping you to manage time better.


15. Honeywell and Lutron

This app allows you to control your home environment with the help of your Apple device. It allows you to control the thermostat and Lutron lets you operate the light settings without even getting up.


16. Places Around

It helps you to locate nearby commodities like restaurants, petrol pumps or cash machines by just speaking to the watch or by selecting a pre loaded menu.


17. Instagram

This is going to show you the daily updates of the Instagram account and hopefully will also act as a remote control for the camera of your iPhone or iPad.

18. Notation

Notation is for the conversion of audio inputs into music scores. This will help in knowing what notes are being played and is supposed to be very helpful for the newcomers in the world of music.


19. The Guardian

Guardian helps you track all the upcoming hip and happening apps. The Guardian app is a very dependable tech savvy app which allows you to explore new apps on your iPhone or dismiss the rumours.

20. CRNT

If you are fond of surfing, CRNT is a must have app. This app will show you the best surfing conditions based on wind, waves and temperature. Designer Raleigh Felton explains the workability of the app as “The goal is to do one thing and do it well — use current surf conditions to find the best waves on the beach. With a minimalist design, the Apple Watch is an ideal platform for CRNT, enabling you to check conditions at a glance.”


21. Apple Health

Aiming to be a big name in the health market, Apple Heath is said to be commanding the users to get active and even talk to their doctors. With all the features like gyroscope, accelometers, infrared LEDs and photo sensors, this app is supposed to keep track of your heart rate, activity and steps.


22. Slopes

Slopes are going to be a skier’s paradise. It gives you all the stats of skiing or snowboarding without even having to take out your Apple device which usually remains well kept at warmer regions. It helps you record all the details of your snowboarding or skiing experience without even having to take your phone out.


23. Boiled Egg Timer

This app helps in preparation of the perfectly boiled egg. All you need to do is select the size of the egg, yolk preference and that’s all. The app will let you know when your egg is ready to be eaten.


26. Prompt

Prompt helps in managing your presentation time. You just need to enter the sections and time provided for them and this app will show you how much time is left for a particular section so that you can finish your presentation in time and defines which sections of the presentation you should stress on.


27. Google Maps

Although searching a location may be a tad bit problematic on the small screen of the watch, a Google Map will help you to navigate through an already loaded route with the help of online maps and buzzes.

28. American Airlines

American Airlines app comes as a blessing to all the travelers out there. Right from check ins, boarding gates to departure time and collecting bags, this app is a one stop solution for all.

29. Clear

Syncing via the iCloud, this app will display all the to-do-lists and reminders. Easy to check off, Clear shows all your prepared lists and allows you to complete tasks wherever you are.


30. Dart

Dart allows users to send previously created replies to an email via push mail service in order to avoid procrastination and provide quick replay facilities. This app focuses on easy response to emails.


31. Baby monitor 3G

Beating all the traditional baby monitors, this app will send you an alert whenever your kid needs you despite of where you are. Alerts will be sent to you when your baby is awake and will also give you an account of the recent noises. Developers are also trying  to include some kind of live video feed.

32. Music

Music, basically, helps you to scroll through your song list and fast forward or play and pause a certain song or tune.


33. MLB

MLB is dedicated to all the baseball fans out there. This app helps in tracking the recent advancements and scores of a session right on your wrist.

34. Flashlight

Gaining a four star review, Flashlight is suppose to be 10% as bright as that of the Moto 360 variant.

35. Milewiz

Milewiz helps you save bucks when on the run. This app tracks all your drives so that you can claim money for the journeys made for your job. It also helps detect new drives and allows categorization. Auto tracker can be switched on or off as needed.


36. Domino’s Pizza Tracker

Basically this app alerts you every time you order crosses a delivery milestone so that you can be prepared to welcome your food home.

37. City Mapper

Currently being launched in New York and London, the Apple Watch app of City Mapper will show you mass transit direction throughout the city and will alert you when your stop comes. You’re also supposed to get status updates on subway provided the mobile app is switched on.


38. Peeps

Peeps version of the Apple Watch will show you the name of the friend whenever you receive a video message along with the image (optional). This app is meant for video only messaging.


39. Starwood Hotel

Starwood Hotel app makes checking in the hotel to a new level. One tap will allow you to check in and a wave of the wrist will save you the time required for searching the key.

40. Whatsapp

This app will provide you with all Whatsapp notifications as and when it is received by the smart phone and will allow you to text back on the go.

41. Pinterest

Pinterest alerts you when you are nearing the place you need to be. All you need to do is pin the location and your job is done.

42. Fitness Spade

Though it is still under development, Fitness Spade helps you to categorize your workout schedule with the help of cards drawn making working out a lot more fun.


43. Nike

This health app helps you track and challenge your friends in workout sessions. It allows you to view leader boards which show the number of miles you or your friend have run or the number of calorie intake by them.


So, these are the best Apple Watch apps that you will download once the Apple Watch is available in the market. All these best Apple Watch apps are useful and increase the functionality of the device.

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