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Microsoft slams Kyocera with patent infringement lawsuit

Microsoft is at the peak of news again, but this time the Windows makers are not in the news for a good cause. Rather, the jump in the news headlines is due to a patent infringement lawsuit filed by Micrsoft against Kyocera. Some of you are well aware of the fact that various Android OEMs pays a huge royalty fee to the companies holding patents with Android. Although, Microsoft has nothing to do with Android directly, but the company holds quite a few patents which are required by OEMs while manufacturing their own Android smartphones.06-Microsoft_Building_99_610x407

According to the reports, Kyocera has not paid Microsoft the deserved royalties. The OEM has reported used seven of Microsoft’s patents, including Hydro, Brigadier, etc.. The patents used by Kyocera involve services like GPS and location, messaging, etc.. The analysts believe that Microsoft must have tried the simpler method to find a solution of the dispute between them. The Windows makers must have filed the lawsuits after all the efforts failed.


On the other hand, the deputy general counsel has still kept the doors for an amicable open when he said, “We respect Kyocera but we believe they need to license the patented technology they are using. We’re hopeful this case can be resolved amicably.” Microsoft has refrained from commenting on the amount of royalties due or what steps they are ready to take in case the lawsuit proceeds.

When it seems that Microsoft is keen to solve the issue in a peaceful manner, it is quite interesting to find no response from Kyocera. There is no clear indication of what the company might just be thinking. Since, Kyocera has not released any statement as of yet, it will be safer to believe that the company is looking forward to proceed with the lawsuit.

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