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Apple ready to launch refurbished Beats Music

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is all set to launch a refurbished version of Beats Music soon enough in the future. The experts are expecting quite a few changes to Beats Music, so as to provide the users with the best service possible. The experts believe that in order to achieve the purpose of quality service, we might just see a few features being deleted as well. This is also what the reports suggest. According to the news in hand, Apple might just put an end to the add supported free service of Beats Music.Apple ready to launch refurbished Beats Music

The step if taken might just win Apple Inc. the support of a few music companies who have had many issues owing to the release of their music via media like YouTube and Spotify. In fact, Apple has been in favor of paid subscription of music and videos. This means that Beats Music will demand a paid subscription after the completion of the trial period as it does at present.


The reports also suggest that Apple Inc. is looking to form a group of exclusive artists for Beats Music service. Although this would not guarantee the tracks will remain exclusive, but would certainly delay the availability of services like Spotify.

On the other hand, the iPhone maker is also looking to reduce the minimum subscription amount to $8 from their usual $10. Although, this means a loss for both parties, Apple believes that the reduction in the subscription amount will bring in more subscribers. At present, both Beats Music and Spotify have a minimum subscription amount of $10.

Apple is also hopeful that with the launch of refurbished Beats Music Service and its collaboration with iTunes, they can lure in more subscribers, thus adding to the music sales. Apple Inc. acquired Beats Music as a part of a $3 billion deal last year.

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