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Activate WhatsApp Calling: Read This Before Falling Prey to Any Scams

As WhatsApp has begun rolling out of free Voice Over IP calling feature to its users worldwide, many users are still unaware of this new option. Many of the users have already updated their application to version 2.11.552, 2.11.555 or 2.11.556, and still not found any call option to make free WhatsApp calls to others. These users can still receive calls from the users whose WhatsApp Calling feature has been activated.05whatsapp4

So, if you want to receive the latest voice calling feature to your WhatsApp, you have to download the latest version of Android app from the link posted below.


To try your luck, download the latest WhatsApp APK file from this link: https://www.whatsapp.com/android/

It doesn’t mean that you download this file, install it on your smartphone and get the voice calling feature. You may try this method to activate voice calling, which was posted a day earlier. If you still unable to activate the feature, then you should have to wait until the company opens the invitation for few more users, or all users. We have called to over 1500 users in a day to activate WhatsApp Free Calling feature to many users from India, Saudi Arabia, United States, Germany, United Kingdom etc. We have now stopped calling to users because, the company has closed the invitation from their server-end.

Just send a message from WhatsApp to +918123745234 (One of the staff) and he will call you back to activate, initially.

If you are an iPhone or iPad user, please try updating your app to the latest version from your App Store/iTunes. iOS users should have to wait and do not fall prey to the scams spreading around the web as well as on the messenger.

Please share this information with your friends, who are desperate to receive the WhatsApp Calling feature on their devices. Otherwise, they might end up with just another scam.

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