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MWC 2015: Check out these 7 weirdest yet brilliant gadgets and technology

The Mobile World Congress underway in Barcelona, Spain saw many mainstream digital mobile devices get launched. But at the same time, the event was well utilized by innovative junkies who have put together fascinating new Gadgets.

Depending on what floats your boat, the following is a list of either the 5 weirdest gadgets or the 5 most innovative devices showcased at the Barcelona MWC 2015 event.


1) One-click Pizza: The folks at an Italian start-up ‘La Comanda’ thought that tele-calls and internet facility to order a pizza were too much trouble. And so they demonstrated the Click ‘N’ Pizza through which one can just push one button and the nearest pizza outlet or restaurant will receive your order.


Carlo Brianza, the CEO and founder of La Comanda said, “I can order my favorite pizza with one click,” holding down a big red button until an exuberant “Pizza is coming!” message appeared on the screen. “This is the real one click,” he added. “Not the Web one click.”

Learn more about Click n Pizza here.

2) Detachable fingerprint reader: Saddened that your latest gizmo doesn’t come with a fingerprint reader? Now Nurugo has come out with a fingerprint scanner that uses your phone’s flash and camera to read your prints. You can also use this to keep certain apps out of the reach of small children.


Learn more about Nurugo fingerprint module here.

3) Digital Loyalty Cards: Now with digital stamps, you need to simply stamp down on your smartphone screen to register a sale in your loyalty program. This is possible because of recent developments in near field communication technology, which is also contributing to the IoT revolution.


4) Driver’s Headband: With this, you no longer need to dread longer road trips as this headband can be worn by a driver to keep tabs on his dozing off while being at the wheel. Called as the U-Wake, the headband measures brain activity and then rouses you up if you are found to be falling asleep.


Learn more about U-Wake headbands here.

5) Windblocker: Gusts and Gales can play havoc with your phone calls when they interfere with your voice quality. Now this sweet little device can be applied over your phone’s speaker mic to block out wind. You will be able to make quality calls.


Lear more about Windblocker here.

6) Transparent smartphone: LG has unveiled its transparent smartphone Fx0 that runs on Firefox OS. The device has the golden touch inside the panel, which is visible through the transparent panel. It’s said to be launched initially in Japan.


As it seems, LG Fx0 is certainly going to be very different from the other Firefox OS phones. The best thing about it is that the smartphone will be available to the users at a very cheap price. The design is very simple and sleek having a lot in common with LG G3, except for the literally transparent case.

7) Smartwatch to shoot high quality video: This smartwatch from a Korean startup can shoot some nice, quality videos within the watch itself. I wish Apple Watch would have added this.


What do you think? Which one of these gadgets will mark its name in the gadget world? Have a say in the comments field.

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