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Wireless Chargers to dominate in 2015

With an increasing number of smartphones and tablets, users expect wireless charging methods instead of wired chargers. Several companies at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on Thursday stated that wireless spots will be created to charge the devices.wireless-chraging-pad-ikea

Charging spots with a flat surface can be placed near the bedside, desks or other areas in the house. Samsung unveiled Galaxy S6 in March 1 which features wireless charging. Ikea, the Swedish furniture firm launched its range of bedside tables, lamps and desks equipped with wireless charging pads and will be released in Europe and North America in the coming weeks. The year will also see a range of smartphones that will come with a default wireless charger.


“This is probably the year of wireless charger,” said Kevin Curran, a senior member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic engineers.

Wireless charger works when a device is placed in charging pad and the power is transferred. However the furniture or lamps will be connected to a wire to offer wireless supply to a smartphone or tablets. Several companies use different wireless charging technologies, though Qi technology used by Samsung and Ikea is the popular one.

The Qi technology is used in several places like hotels, restaurant and airports with compatibility with over 80 smartphones and various types of car. The product announcement marks a “big step forward” that frees users of using wired chargers. However, wireless chargers are here to stay as wireless chargers will come as default only in high end phones.

However, phones without the feature can use wireless charging after changing the back case that will cost about $43 or more. PMA and A4WP, the competitors of Qi are likely to merge in a bid to capture the market. Till now, smartphone makers have failed to reach a consortium on standardization of wireless chargers though it is expected to change in the future.

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