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Female Killer Whales Turn Even More Aggressive After Menopause

If you thought that menstrual cycle and menopause was only meant for human beings, then think again.  This time there is somebody new in the scenario. A new study by expert researchers have identified that female killer whales become even more aggressive leaders and gain leadership skills after menopause.female-killer-whales

After menopause, a female killer whale assists other killer whales by teaching them how to ensure their lives during difficult times and how to maintain their stress levels and get into the correct way to get food and fuel for themselves.


The normal routine life of a female whale usually changes after they conceive babies. They tend to become more conscious and alert. But after menopause, all responsibilities from their head slid away and they tend to become more mature, aggressive and gain good leadership skills. A whale usually survives till the age of 90. Their conceiving age is 14 to 40 and they can lead a healthy life until the age of 90 unlike humans who sometimes don’t tend to survive so much. And sometimes they only survive till the age of 50.

There are three kinds of female species which improves and sustains for years together after their menopause, which includes human beings, mighty killer whales and the short finned pilot whales. Females don’t have the responsibility of conceiving after menopause, hence they are free from all duties and thus tend to be more hyper active and start developing leadership skills. The wisdom gained from its elders helps females and whales to continue to live longer after their reproduction.

The university of Exeter studied the behavior of around 100 whales surviving in deep oceans. Videos were covered for over a period of 10 years and was addressed by a team of expert researchers and they found out that older whales were able to easily direct cluster of whales and take them to their food.

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