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Microsoft plans to integrate Xbox platform with Windows 10

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) on Thursday announced its plans to integrate the Xbox platform with Windows 10. The company is working on an Xbox Live software development kit for developers to produce quality content on Windows.xbox-one

Game makers will be able to create cross-platform apps that would work in PCs, smartphones, tablets and Xbox. The company aims to make gaming possible at any place. Phil Spencer, Head of Microsoft’s video game division announced that the SDK for game developers will be released soon. Developers also wanted to make their games accessible wherever the users are.


“We know there are billions of people who play games across all devices,” said Spencer at the Game Developers Conference.

Spencer mentioned that cross-platform integration of Xbox One and Windows 10 will allow developers to make games accessible. Xbox One gaming accessories will also be designed to work with Windows PC’s. The company future plans include bringing the ability to HoloLens wearable. Windows Store will play a major par tin the company’s strategy.

Microsoft is set to utilize the popularity of YouTube and Twitch game videos and will be integrated to Xbox Live. Thos will help the company t reach out to a larger audience and users send messages to contacts including achievements. Users have been provided an area where games can be submitted along with access to analytics. Developers will have an option to update the games.

During the conference, Spencer demonstrated the cross-platform feature where a Xbox player plays the same game with a Windows user. DirectX 12 will be released for PC this year and new games including Gigantic, Elite: Dangerous will be released for Windows platforms. By enabling cross-platform integration Microsoft hopes to reach the top position in the console market, which is currently held by Sony PlayStation 4.

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