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Activate WhatsApp Calling Feature on Android and iOS (iPhones) now

When Facebook acquired WhatsApp for a staggering $19 billion (totalling to $22 billion), many experts and analysts believed that the deal will be harmful for the largest social network. However, it looks like WhatsApp is going to take on the world by introducing new and necessary features to its users, and that too for free. Recently, there were rumors about WhatsApp Calling feature to be introduced soon. And, here goes, the feature is now available for any users across the globe.Whatsapp

All you need to do is to have the latest Android phones (not so low-end models) and iPhones as well. The new WhatsApp Voice Calling feature is now available to everyone. Here I have some tips to activate the voice calling feature on your Android and iOS (iPhones) devices, right now. Download latest WhatsApp from the below link:


Activate WhatsApp Calling on Android:

Few users have already received the update with the calling feature and many of us haven’t received this feature. If you are one of the latter one, then this guide will help you to get the ‘WhatsApp calling‘ feature for free. Follow these step by step guide:

Note: If this works for you, then tag your Facebook friends in the comments field below.

1: Go to this link from your Android phone: https://www.whatsapp.com/android/ (read the next point, before downloading this)


2: Download the. apk file (version 2.11.552) – WhatsApp has released an update (2.11.555) which shows error to some users. If you face problem, then download the older 2.11.552 version from here.

3: Install this .apk file (make sure you have enabled “install from unknown sources” option, if not able to install)

4: Now make sure you have the latest version of the app – go to settings > Help > About.


5: Once you have installed the latest version, you should be able to make WhatsApp call for free. But, for this, one of your friends should have to call you from his/her WhatsApp account. Here is our staff ready to give you invitation to activate your voice calling feature. Just send a message from WhatsApp to +918123745234 (Check the comments below) and he will call you back to activate, initially. Due to over 10000 requests, it might take more time to call you back. You may request from the comment form below and tag your Facebook friends. If you use iPhone, you have to wait for the latest update.

If not working, this is the must read article for you: Read This Before Falling Prey to Any Scams.


6: Once you receive the call, your WhatsApp will include a separate tab called “Calls” in the homepage of the app.


7: Now, you can go to any other users who installed this latest update and make a call from the top of the header (right side of his/her name)


8: If you are still not receiving this feature, then please uninstall the current WhatsApp application and reinstall from this .apk (and optionally, clear the cache of WhatsApp).


WhatsApp calling for iOS or iPhones:

There is only two methods to activate WhatsApp Calling feature:

  1. Either you should have got the WhatsApp calling feature automatically
  2. Or, you should go to App Store and download the latest version of the app to activate the feature. Remember, you can make call to those users, who have installed the latest version of WhatsApp on their iPhones or iPads. Download the latest iOS App from here

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