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Study: The solar activity influences the Earth’s climate change

The research conducted by team of Aarthus University in Denmark concluded that solar activity influences sea surfaces in the North Atlantic region only during the last 4,000 years but this was not the case in the previous period.solar-activity

The scientific community is constantly debating about the deviations in the strength of the Sun to influence climate change. The Aarthus University study has predicted relationship between solar activity and the temperature of the ocean surface, especially during the summer at North Atlantic region.


The Sun’s effect on the climate system of the Earth is not constant. In fact, the effect is highest when the Earth is cooler according to the study led by Professor Marit-Solveig Seidenkrantz of Aarhus University.

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From the last ice age, which was around 12,000 years ago the Earth’s atmosphere has been relatively warm but not stable. The ocean currents in the North Atlantic region are getting weaker as last 4,000 years have been slightly cooler than other periods, as per the report. This has proved that during colder periods climate is more receptive to the impact of solar activity.

Researchers are not sure about the nature of the impact of the sun on climate, but Solar activity’s influence on climate change is absent on a greater scale.

These findings were obtained by researchers by analyzing surface temperatures of the North Atlantic region during the past 9,300 years, whereas most of the studies are taking data of the last 140 years. To extract the data of such old period, scientists used researches on marine algae found in sediments in the North Atlantic seabed. Constant fluctuations in surface temperatures were tracked using this.

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According to Professor Seidenkrantz, Our climate is a very complex phenomenon. To get an overall picture of climate change we must collect information piece by piece like this.

Working on the climate on the Earth and external factors influencing the same can be understood better now due to this study.

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