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Surface 2013 tablets nearly sold out, says Microsoft to lure developers

Microsoft says that its Surface Pro 2 and Surface 2 tablets are almost sold out and urged the developers to code more apps for those customers of the tablets.

Microsoft says, Surface tablets "nearly sold out" in the tweet to bring some developers back to work.
Microsoft says, Surface tablets “nearly sold out” in the tweet to bring some developers back to work.

Microsoft Developers made the claim in their official Twitter account on Friday and added the line “all those buyers are gonna need apps” to bring some developers to start coding in their Windows app platform. By the way, some sources reported that in order to buy these tablets from Microsoft Stores in U.S., they need to queue up to receive it.


Previously, Microsoft announced the release date of all models on October 21, but the company now says that the 64GB flash storage equipped Surface 2 will be shipping after October 25th. Even the Surface Pro 2 with 256GB and 512GB storage will be shipping after 29th. BTW, Microsoft is expecting more demand for their ARM-chipset-based Surface 2 and Intel-chipset-based Surface Pro 2 tablets, although it is the only Windows RT tablet entering to the market. Moreover, Microsoft also featured iPad trade-in and iPhone trade-in program in its website for minimum of $200 gift card for the purchase of Microsoft products – pointing towards Surface Tablets.

This point to be noted: Last time, when Microsoft released Surface Pro in February, there were similar “nearly sold out” rumors but later reports suggested that the “sold out” was happening only because of the company’s late shipping and also in limited numbers, but not from unexpected customers’ demands.


Although there is no “numbers” revealed anywhere by the company, the initial reason for out of stock may be because of its selling of 11,000 Surface 2 tablets to Delta Airlines flight crews. However, the reason for the high end Surface Pro 2’s “out of stock” can’t be guessed other than the actual demand. If the new Surface tablets get a bumper sales from consumer end, it will be the warm welcome to the new CEO of Microsoft, successor of Steve Ballmer. What do you expect from Microsoft Surface tablets?

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