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Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) has just paid $25 million to buy .app Top-Level Domain

Now the .app top-level domain is completely bought and owned by Google Inc., the search engine giant bid for $25 million to buy the whole rights for the .app top-level domain.google

The top level domains are similar to .com, .org and .net, they will be at the part of each and every URL under that TLD. Nowadays, Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is creating a host of new set of top-level domains and auctioning those domains for a bigger sum.


Previously, Amazon has bought .buy domain for almost $4.5 million and currently, Google has now bid $25 million for .app top level domain. Google action indicates that the search engine giant has a bigger plan for this top –level domain, and there are no such announcements that Google will sell those domains to others. The recent announcement of Google Play sponsored search results may use this service in future. The company may use the top-level .app domain in monetization strategy in Google Play services.

In a blog post of Google in the year 2012, Google has mentioned as,

“We decided to submit applications for new TLDs, which generally fall into four categories: Our trademarks, like .google; Domains related to our core business, like .docs; Domains that will improve user experience, such as .youtube, which can increase the ease with which YouTube channels and genres can be identified; [and] Domains we think have interesting and creative potential, such as .lol.”

 Google has said that it is just the beginning to explore the potential source of the web and its innovation, and they were very curious to check out how new TLDs will merge with existing TLD environment. In the meanwhile, Google has started an own domain registration service for only US-based consumers and the price of the domain starts from $12 per year. The current move by Google show us that it is pushing deeper into the world of enterprise market.

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