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Kirby and the Rainbow Curse a hit among Wii U users

Kirby and the Rainbow Curse game has impressed users with its amazing visuals, unique gaming and traditional platforming. The game can attract anyone trying it out while HAL Laboratory  is experimenting on adding new skills for the pink hero.Kirby-and-the-Rainbow-Curse1

The Kirby franchise made its debut with Kirby: Canvas Curse in 2005 for Nintendo DS. The latest game features a unique gameplay where users guide Kirby to roll or spin using the stylus and drawing rainbow ropes to prevent danger. Canvas Curse players may be familiar with the stylus-based gameplay but it is even better on a Wii U gamepad. The game gets quite interesting once the user is familiar with the gamepad.


The game allows users to creatively draw rainbow lines or shapes without any limitations with several challenges in each level. Kirby can also transform into a tank, cream puff, submarine or rocket to prevent obstacles. Each level ends with a boss and the hero can deliver kicks when tapped with the stylus. Players can also invite friends to play as secondary characters.

Nintendo has brought in amiibo Kirby-related figures that can be tapped for boosting speed or health though the non-collecters will have the same type of gameplay as they are minor additions. The company has urged users to complete each level and then explore the work for finding new treasures and challenges. The game has a total of seven worlds including some floating levels where the hero is guided with rainbow line to prevent falling.

Rainbow Curse uses claymotion visuals and features a brilliant soundtrack by Shogo Sakai.  Each of the 28 levels might contain upto five treasure chest and a collectible that might either be a new soundtrack or a clay character that is saved in the gallery.. The game incorporates a childish design that is appealing to kids and adults and is priced at $39.99.

Check out the gameplay video:

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