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Twitter rolls out a few more anti-harassment tools

Twitter has made a few changed in its algorithms to cut down the unwanted ongoing fight on its site. Thursday, Twitter has officially announced in its company blog post that, It is expanding its procedures to crack down those users who use the platform for harass/abuse others.twitter-wam-tool

Suppose, if a user’s personal information has been leaked into the web via Twitter account, anyone has the rights to report that user regarding the harassment. Not only the person who is impersonated, but also the person whose personal information has compromised can report the same.


On the company blog post, Tina Bhatnagar, vice president of user service has mentioned as,

“We streamlined the process of reporting harassment on Twitter recently; now we’re making similar improvements around reporting other content issues, including impersonation, self-harm and the sharing of private and confidential information. These changes will begin rolling out today and should reach all users in the coming weeks”.

Bhatnagar said that Twitter will also add few additional enforcement actions for those accounts that will violate the privacy policies as well as new rules of the company. If a user has been blocked for a harassment issue, then again they need to create a new account by giving a phone number for the Twitter. This new way will cut down current whack-a-mole problem, where user can simply create a new account when their account has been blocked.

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For the past few years, Twitter has been criticized for not taking any actions for not dealing with those issues. Now, Twitter has tripled the size of the team for supporting abuse victims. In the past years, Twitter has given more option to its users to deal with online abuse and currently, the company is reviewing those complaints five times than its previous methods. Twitter says it will look forward to bring more developments in this segment.

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