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Uber database hacked last May, can affect 50000 drivers

Uber has disclosed on Friday that a database of their company which enclosed the names and the driver’s license numbers of 50,000 of its drivers was violated on May 13th, 2014. While the company states that it had found out about this incident in September itself, but there was an unusual delay in authorizing and proving this kind of a breach in their software database.uberlogo_large_verge_medium_landscape

The dimension of this breach is important because it is an infringement which directly affects the consumers of the service. It also directly influences the lives of the 50,000 drivers associated with it across the USA. The personal information can be misused by anybody and greater trouble can be caused around.


“Immediately after the discovery we changed the access protocols in the database, removing the possibility of unauthorized access”, the statement from data privacy manager Katherine Tassi said. Theft of identity is the largest single element issue in the fraud complaints registered in the United States of America.

On Friday, the company started alerting all its drivers that can be impacted and affected by such kind of violation of their rights and it is also requesting all its employees to keep monitoring their credit reports in the waking of the incident. Uber has always faced such privacy concerns, even in the past. Earlier in the month of February, Uber’s lost and found database was accidentally made public.

As a result, the personal information of their customers was unintentionally revealed to the public. But then it immediately patched it up over the vulnerability when it discovered it and that the privacy settings were improvised.

The blog post of Uber somehow states that no misuse of information has taken place yet. And all the security measures have been more tightened post this incident.

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