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YouTube Kids app is out now

Social media such as YouTube can be really helpful for kids around this age, as children are more prone to learning through interesting visuals than learning via writing or just via listening. For kids, YouTube is a great option to know the universe. Google’s new YouTube Kids app is perfectly crafted to supply all the relevant videos which they are interested in. This application is completely free in The United States on Google Play and on the App Store.635599792109607811-YouTube-Kids-Screenshot

The playful design


The new YouTube Kids is a kid-friendly and easy design can be easily correlated with the Pocoyo. Interestingly, with this application images look larger along with the bold icons, faster and simpler and are easy to navigate for younger people. Moreover, kids will also get the facility of surfing through voice and so that even if they are weak with their spelling knowledge, they can enjoy their time on YouTube.

Family oriented content

YouTube has multiple kinds of content and people spend a lot of time enjoying and exploring on multiple subjects. The YouTube Kids’ app is a narrowed approach which will make your experience a little easier and you will be able to find an appropriate content for the kids. The app is sub-categorized in the four different parts such as Shows, Music, Learning and Explore. Right from the TV shows to science and technology, everything will on little fingers.

Parental control

Some parents think that it is really important to control the activity of the child. Here is the following

  1. Timer: it happens that sometimes children love spending a lot of on screen and they may restrict their other activities. Thus, as a parent, you can limit its on screen hours through built-in timer option. The app alerts your kid once the time is over.
  2. Sound settings: it is easy to turn off the background music and effects when you do not want to get any noise in your head.
  3. Search settings: parents can keep a check here as well. They can limit the search option with the pre-selected videos on the home screen and secretly turn off the search.

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