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FCC proposes Net Neutrality, Republicans in Congress not conceding

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is set to meet on Thursday for approval of ‘net neutrality’ bill. The Republican senate adopted a resolution that urges President Obama and the FCC for preventing the new internet regulation rules.10-gb-internet

The proposed net neutrality rules would regulate the Internet and will prevent companies from paying for faster connectivity. FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler is in discussion with the two Democrat commissioners who are expected to support him against the Republican commissioners. Republicans on Capitol Hill stated that they are “unlikely” to pass a legislative response that would prevent a policy shift, since the Internet became a reality.


“We are not going to get a signed bill that doesn’t have Democrats support,” said Senator John Thune, Republican of South Dakota.

The new rules have evoked support from companies like Twitter and Netflix while it is strongly opposed by cable and Internet service providers. Michigan Senate Resolution 16 mentions that that proposed bill could prevent investment in broadband and could lower the job prospects in the state.

If the bill is approved, the net neutrality concept will prevent ISP’s from offering paid priority service to companies and slower lanes to other customers. The FCC will also gain the power to penalize telecommunication providers running broadband and wireless networks.

Though Republicans hoped that the resolution will prevent the FCC from passing the bill, Democrats urged the Republicans to wait till Thursday’s vote before a debate on an open Internet. Wheeler has gained a massive support from several open-source companies like Mozilla. Dave Steer, Director of Advocacy of the Mozilla Foundation stated that they were going up against the second biggest corporate lobby and seemed like it won.

Internet service providers claim that the rules could prevent investment that could result in faster net speeds. The proposed bill comes after Obama pushed the FCC to prevent the fast lane proposal and create a new set of rules in November.

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