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Amazon is planning to launch Two Smartphone Device

In mid of this  year, the rumor was Amazon is working on two device. We come to know that Amazon leading e-commerce company planning to launch it’s two smartphone device TechCrunch reported. There are two device, the device which is expensive featuring 3D eye-tracking user interface and Image recognition tool and another device come with basic feature but it is an inexpensive smartphone and cost effective.



The  first one device which is previously reported an expensive device comes with 3D eye-tracking interface. The front facing camera of device tracks user’s eye to give 3D effects of UI on device. The 3D user interface will adjust as per choice of user but 3d effects is only seen by primary user. It is also featuring Image Recognition Tool which will help user to match the photos to amazon store to buy an item. The image does not reply upon Barcode scanning but the Image Recognition Tool match items with real picture.

The another one is an inexpensive device having basic feature with FireOS, it is modified version of Android. It was rumor that Amazon is launching smartphone for “free” but they refused to talk on it.

Amazon is already using  Fire OS on Kindle and Kindle Fire version. Amazon is at good step as they are promoting eBook content on their Fire OS but consumer need multitasking,  in the new era smartphone, user seek better and better multitasking. The launching date of device  is not announced yet, but customers can expected to have in next year.

If  Amazon want to capture the market of smartphone, they should come up with great ideas to impress the customer. Competition is tough , Backblerry made an intent sold his business to Firefox. Nokia sold its handset business to Microsoft. The question arise,” How Amazon will capture market with the market leader like Nokia, BlackBerry who is in market from more than decades sold their business.

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