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Yandex complaint brings Google Android under Russian antitrust probe

Russia’s Federal Anti-Monopoly Services (FAS) has begun investigating Google for dominance of its Android operating system in the country. Yandex, in its complaint stated that the company is abusing powers in the market by force device manufacturers to pre-install Google apps.google-vs-yandex

The FAS stated that the agency had begun the investigation after studying the complaint and the county’s anti-monopoly law. Yandex is a direct competitor to Google and has about 60 percent share in the search engine market. Google Search on Android had declined from 52 percent to 44 percent last year. The search engine giant is also accused of preventing rival apps in smartphones.


In order to install Google Play Store, a device manufacturer has to pre-install Google Mobile services which include Google search, Gmail, YouTube and others. Last year, smartphone manufacturers like Explay, Fly and Prestigo has informed Yandex regarding their inability to install apps. This was also a reason for many users to choose a custom ROM over pre-installed Android.

“Device makers are free to install the apps they choose and consumers always have complete control over the apps in the devices,” said Google.

The probe by Russian agency is similar to the action faced by Google in European Union, where manufacturers were asked if there was any “exclusive” deal with Google. European agencies seek information in order to prevent monopoly. Google faced a lawsuit filed by two individuals in the US for pre-installing Android apps and preventing rival apps though the court in favor of the company.

Google has denied all allegations that accuse the company of monopolizing its power in the market. The company is currently  being investigated and further action will be decided by the agency based on the violations. While it might be easier for the US company to get away in its home state and in Europe, it could face tough action based on the lawsuit.

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