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Bluetooth lag issues on OS X Yosemite have been reported

It has been a long time that OS X Yosemite has hit the Apple devices. The operating system started in an exclusive fashion but soon reports started coming in on various issues that the users are facing on their Apple devices. According to the current reports, the operating system is lagging progressively when any audio is being played via a Bluetooth audio headset. The reports directly point to the fact that the quality of the audio also gets distorted to a certain level, while being played. With growing resent on the issue, it seems that Apple should look forward to amend things as soon enough.mac-os-x-yosemite

The trouble with the Bluetooth is not an inherent issue of the OS X Yosemite. In fact, the disturbances started as and when the users started upgrading their operating systems to OS X Yosemite 10.10. In the initial phases, the issue was only limited to some Flash videos, but sadly the numbers are on the rise and some users even state that “… it’s impossible to use flash videos now. The audio goes on for a few seconds after I’d closed the video…” With the growing reports for OS X Yosemite, some users have already reverted back to Mavericks.


The resentment is further on the rise because the users state that Apple Inc. has not done enough to solve the issue. It will be interesting to see how the iPhone makers deal with the issue and how long does it take for them to come out with a solution of the lagging case with Bluetooth devices. Some experts believe that with the standard that Apple Inc. follows, they should have come out with some sort of a temporary solution already, but things seem to be moving out of hands now.

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