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Privacy over the internet for AT&T users at a price

AT&T will serve its users with an ultra fast fiber optic internet access for $70 per month. The anticipated speed that the users can expect from the internet connection is 1 GB per second. Thus, there is no doubt of the fact that $70 per month is certainly affordable. But the offer comes with a loop. Some people might just find it extremely annoying and some might find it rightful, but I certainly feel that paying $29 per months to keep my privacy is to a certain extent amusing as well. Privacy over the internet for AT&T users at a price

The wireless network provider will serve the ultra fast internet to its customers, but at the cost of their privacy. AT&T will monitor all the traffic that comes in and goes out for the customers with the ultra fast fiber optic internet access connection. Some individuals are even calling this an indirect surveillance on the life that an individual lives on the internet.


Most of the other major wireless network providers are allowing the users to opt out of the sharing certain information without any charge. According to Jonathan Mayer, the policy of a monthly charge by AT&T is an indirect effort to discourage the users to opt out of the tracking system.

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Mr. Mayer, is a Computer Scientist at Stanford University, believes that the monthly price is an effort to normalize the act of online monitoring among the users. According to an AT&T spokesperson, the monthly charge is a discount allowed for the users who did not opt out of the online monitoring.

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The online monitoring done on the part of AT&T includes search history, websites visited, links clicked on, etc.. The monitoring will continue even if you clear out your cookies and other temporary files.

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