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Make your Yosemite OS X work faster on an older Mac

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) had released OS X Yosemite in mid 2013 amongst too much fanfare. It runs pretty fast on newer version of Mac. OS X comes with great performance and runs with a stellar speed in newer versions. It is compatible with Mac 2007 version and above, but it might not be giving a full performance in the older ones. But with only a few tweaks this problem can be resolved easily. Here are some of the easy ways that will help you to make Yosemite OS X work faster on an older Mac.

1. Reduce the effects

Effects like transparent menus, windows and title bars require lots of processing power and reduces the speed since it tends to eat memory. Though newer Mac versions have better speed and processing power the older ones need to reduce the effects to improve performance. Steps for it are:

  • Open Apple menu
  • Click on System Preferences
  • Click on Accessibility
  • Place a checkmark on Reduce transparency.


While you are here you can improve the visibility of elements by increasing the contrast. Or darkens the text and draws a border around the buttons.

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2. Disable Power Nap

This is a big way to give more battery and power to the Mac. You need to go to System Preferences > Energy Saver > Battery and there turn off Enable Power Nap while plugged into network adapter. Similarly, do this on the power adapter tab.


3. Disable Notification Widgets

No doubts the latest widgets are attractive and tempting to use, but once you have installed, you will not use them much after a week. They are live and thus constantly use the battery it is better to remove them from notification window.

  • Click on Notification center icon on the upper right corner of the screen. The notification window will pop up.
  • Click on Today tab and then Edit.
  • Click on the each of the red ‘-‘button next to the widget and remove them.
  • Click on Done.


4. Disable Genie Effect

Genie effect looks wonderful when used, but it definitely eats up processor speed so it is definitely wise to remove it. Open System Preferences > Dock > In Minimize Window Using select Scale Effect from Genie Effect.

It will just change the minimizing effect of window to a simpler one instead of swooshing. Now, a window will definitely open a bit faster.


5. Check out Activity Monitor

Regularly check the activity monitor to notice if any app is regularly lingering on the processor for no use. You can check the apps which are taking maximum CPU Time and if not needed stop them.

  • Press Command + Space-bar and then type Activity Monitor in the Spotlight and then again press the return key.
  • Click CPU tab to sort according to the processor usage.

Now, once you are here just checking for any application or website eating up the URL. IF you find any URL eating more than 50-70 % of processor immediately select it and kill it.

6. Slow Boot

If you are using FileVault you may experience slow booting time. This has been the complaint of many users. You simply can remove the Filevault and notice the difference in login and booting of the system.

Still, if you are suffering a loss of speed you can opt for a fresh start. You can install OS from scratch and do the same whenever you want to upgrade. This will clean whole of hard drive and OS will be installed with factory settings. Hope, you like all the tips that we have provided on how to make your Yosemite OS X faster on an older Mac.

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