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NHTSA Study: Stoned Drivers Safer Than Drunk Drivers

According to the report made by Drug and Alcohol Crash Risk from NHTSA i.e., National High Traffic Safety Administration, while compared to drunk drivers, stoned drivers are more safe. The report says that the driver who had marijuana while driving are noticed and are at low risk of car crash and those drivers who drink alcohol are reported high level of car crashes than the drugged one.marijuana-breathing-test-drivers

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The National High Traffic Safety Administration study says that,

“The measurable presence of the chemical tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in a driver’s system does not correspond with driver impairment like blood alcohol level does. (THC is the primary active ingredient in marijuana. It is responsible for the majority of the psychological effects of cannabis”, “At the current time, specific drug concentration levels cannot be reliably equated with a specific degree of driver impairment.”

The study denotes that those drivers who had drugs before getting into wheels has less or no risk of accident and it depends upon various factors such as age, gender, mind conditions and so on.

The report says that the drivers who had alcohol while driving and has blood to alcohol concentration of more than 0.05 has comparatively seven times of getting accident or crash than the driver who had drugs. And also having marijuana while driving has not statistically had crash levels higher than that of a driver who drunk and drive.

In the meantime, next to alcohol consumption, the most frequent detected drug is marijuana and those people who had marijuana while driving secured second place in the study report. One fourth of the people who has marijuana gotten in an automobile crash. The crash risk depends from one person to another person and in the meantime, it has a link with their race, gender, age and so on.

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