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Phorm – Tactile Keyboard That Rise Out of iPad Touchscreen

The debate becomes endless while physical keyboard versus digital keyboard comes in the track. Tactus Technology offers a best-in class solution with both physical as well as digital keyboards by providing both keyboard in a same device itself.phorm-ipad-keyboard-case

Physical keyboard will rise out of the screen magically when you want to type and becomes flat in the ordinary state. Tactus Technology has a dream of this for several years and finally they made it, and ready to sell their products to you. The idea behind this product is very simple and unique, Tactus Technology used microfluidics in their product that offers magically physical keyboard when a user want to type anything in the device.


The microfluidics will shape up the screen with summon bumps and provide a rise up in the surface of the screen. In the meanwhile, you’re doing the typing process, then the screen will be automatically comes to its normal posture and gives you a normal touchscreen. The commercial product will be called as Phorm and it is not yet built completely, it need to be combined with a tablet or a smart device to use it.

Phorm, a product of Tactus Technology, has to be put on into an iPad mini as a case, Tactus Technology designed the Phorm in such a way that it uses its own battery power, instead of using battery power of the iPad.

A small bumps sort of things will appear over the screen that helps you to type faster and avoid keyboard misfires. The main idea behind the Phorm is that, it comes with a glass that will provide a tiny arched ridge over the keyboard, and it makes the device feel more rigid and thick. The main advantage of the device is that, there is not battery here that becomes dry.

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