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You Can Officially Unlock Smartphones and Tablets of Any Carrier in the US

Many experts saw this coming as the unlocking smartphones previously locked to some other wireless carrier becomes legal in the United States. The day can be marked as an important day in the history of wireless communications as the experts believe that the industry will take a major turn now. To be true, the decision to allow the consumers to unlock their phones does add a sense of freedom. You can now easily buy the smartphone that you want and then unlock it to use the smartphone with the carrier of your choice.You can officially Unlock Smartphones and Tablets now

The decision comes in as an official understanding between the wireless industry and the Federal Communications Commission. The official deal went into effect on Wednesday, February 11 marking the freedom for the consumers. It is not that all the smartphones that went into the market were locked with some or the other carrier. But generally the Factory Unlocked smartphones came at a higher price compared to the carrier locked smartphones.


For quite some time, unlocking a previously locked smartphone was taken in as an illegal act. Later, unlocking became legal, but the consumers had to do it on their own leading to quite a few complications at that time. In addition, unlocking the smartphones locked with the major wireless carriers was further difficult. But thanks to the deal, things have changed now.

According to deal struck between the wireless industry and the FCC, on completion of the contract under which the smartphone has been bought, the wireless carrier is bound to unlock the device on the customer’s request. It will be extremely interesting to see how the market reacts to the decision taken by the Wireless Industry and the FCC. The general belief is that it will help the customers to use their desired network on their desired smartphone.

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