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Apple Pay to support federal government services – thanks to Obama

Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that Apple Pay, the payment system based on NFC will be available to U.S Federal government services from September. The service will support payments at national parks, schools and others.apple-pay-launch-tim-cook

The announcement was made on the cyber security and personal privacy comes after President Obama’s speech that stressed the need for advanced verification methods. Cook added that the token-based payment system would not give away credit card numbers during transactions. Procurement cards issued by the government for expenses will also be supported by Apple Pay.


“Apple pay will be available for many transactions with the federal government,” said Cook during a ten-minute presentation.

Apple is also partnering with leading banks and networks for utilizing the technology for providing benefit programs like social security and pensions at the state and “federal level”. Cook mentioned that he was happy about the progress the payment service was made while this indicates less physical usage of credit cards.

According to TechCrunch, the company will work with the government for the transition to digital authentication like passports and driver’s licenses. The company has also made sure it wouldn’t invade the privacy of federal employees. Apple is set to further expand the service as serving the federal government will give a boost to the service.

 The NFC-based payment service was launched in October and is available for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus for use in retail stores that have partnered with Apple. The service will be supported in other establishments like restaurants, airports and others in the coming months. Earlier, credit cards were seen as a replacement to using cash and is now set to become less used as more people prefer using digital wallets and services like Apple Pay.

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