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American Supercar Ford GT to be built in Canada, by Multimatic Motorsports

Ford Motor Company (NASDAQ:F) has approached a Canadian company to design and manufacture a new GT, that will an iconic American super car. The car comes with a carbon fiber body and Ford is turning to Multimac Inc, that is totally based in Markham, Ontario outside Toronto. Ford has planned to make two-door car comes with mid-engine with horsepower more than 600.ford-gt-american-supercar

The announcement was made at the Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto, and the announcement spread quickly to Chicago Auto show, where Ford has an another plan to show another car.


When the announcement of GT has made in the North American International Auto Show, Bill Ford, Executive Chairman informed that only limited number of cars will be made. The sale will be done in the second half of next year, and the price has not yet announced by the Bill Ford.

Dave Sullivan of an analyst of AutoPacific,

“Ford was looking for a skill set and went where the expertise was,” “If it were in Michigan, they would have done it in Michigan. But carbon fiber bodies are still an immature technology and there is not a lot of selection of available vendors.”

Ford GT was developed secretly in the Ford Performance Division and the main advantage of the car is its fiber carbon body with ultimate racing style. The car comes with twin-turbocharged engine and will come with the best engine that Ford ever has.

While comparing to its power to weight ratio, the new Ford GT will beat all other car in its range. Most probably, the new Ford GT will come with six-figure power tag and relationship with Multimac will gives more confidence to the consumers.

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