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Google exec Vint Cerf worries about upcoming ‘Digital Dark Age’

The internet is blooming on a daily basis and many people rely on it a lot. Be it social media, entertainment or even serious work, our lives depend a lot on the internet and digital data. Most people are already planning their digital afterlife as well. But Vint Cerf, one of the fathers of the internet has hinted otherwise. A digital Dark Age is coming, he said in latest news.vint-cerf-google

Vint Cerf is currently Vice-President of Google told the world about preserving old digital data by printing it. This is dubbed as digital Dark Age, which needs immediate attention. The reason behind all the photos and documents at risk of getting lost is that most software has become defunct as technology progresses and platforms move on.


Old files and data will not be available to future generations and this is sad news. While we have always enjoyed advancements in technology, this news is shocking to everybody. The 21st century is at risk of becoming forgotten and it will become a black hole. He explained at the conference held in San Diego, “Old formats that contain documents, photos and other data may not be readable with the latest version of the software.”

The points he highlighted are extremely thought-provoking and throw light on the fact that digitizing important documents for preservation is a wrong strategy. Often software moves on and our artifacts are not rendered like we wanted them to be. This requires us to act upon it and solve this problem by printing important photos, documents, so that they are not lost forever.

Vint Cerf is worried about this problem, but he also gave a solution for it. The solution to it is very innovative. Take a X-ray snapshot of all the contents, OS, machine description, application software together. This digital snapshot needs to be preserved so that future generations can recreate the 21st century in their time.

Do you want to save important digital data or preserve selfie of that fun trip? Let us know in the comments.

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