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Google partners with the toy-maker Mattel to bring VR to View-Master

Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) has partnered with the toy-maker Mattel to provide VR (Virtual Reality) and augmented reality experience by integrating with Google Cardboard technology. View-Master, one of the first products based on virtual reality from Mattel is set to get a facelift by including virtual reality into its devices. mattel-google-vr-viewmaster_1423934239951

Mattel and Google revealed the product at an event on Friday and will be available in October. Priced at $30 the device will work when a smartphone is placed inside it and the company will offer support for Android and iOS phones. T he new View-Master is toy-like device aimed at kids seven years and older which can be used after installing the View-Master app on the smartphone.


“Its our goal to make virtual reality accessible, easy to use, entertaining, educational and family friendly,” said Doug Wadleigh, senior VP of global brands at Mattel.

A Mattel executive stated that this was the starting stage and had the right partnership for testing and learning. The toymaker plans to develop the View-Master brand for the next 75 years. While Mattel is developing futuristic toys, it also indicates Google growing interest in catering to the younger generation. The search engine giant had announced that it would be opening a Google Classroom project last year.

Virtual reality is a growing concept among tech giants like Microsoft, Facebook, Sony and Google. Last year, Google had unveiled an affordable VR kit Cardboard and is constantly updated with apps and features. South-Korean smartphone maker LG is offering the Cardboard along with LG G3 devices.

The View-Master is likely to find a lot of young users who can experience the growing world of virtual reality. The device is also expected to be encouraged by families and teachers as it will offer educational tours like a 360 degree view of the world and places. The price is also considerably low when compared to other VR devices like Oculus Rift and others.

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