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Nokia Here Maps for Android updated with 3D venue maps and offline navigation

Nokia has announced and also update its Here Map for Android operating system, and releases the beta version of the application. Also introduces 3D mapping for the venues, and loaded with tons of bug fixes.nokia-here-maps

Here maps app has been installed more than 3 million times from the mobile application store and the new update brings them new features, also gives three dimensional maps for the venue’s inside. For instance, if you were inside a shopping mall, then Here maps let you check out three dimensional image of the malls. Around 70 countries data have been fed into the application server that provides the users a real three dimensional image of the places.


The indoor maps are three dimensional in nature and the user can able to switch the direction of the map and they can also move from one floor to another floor. Nokia has also made a new interface for Here maps and this will improve the efficiency of route suggesting.

Previously, Here Maps offers various tabs for the separate options such as walking, transit options and so on. The latest update brings out all sorts of option into a single page and offers fastest route for travelling from one place to another place. Below each option, the estimated time will be displayed and brings out an easy interface for the Here map users.

 Niko van Eeghen, head of Here’s product team said,

“Now you can switch away, either back to your map, or into another app, and your download will progress to completion without you,”

The company has also mentioned in its official blog that the update also brings out live information regarding the traffic level, closure of roads and so on. Offline maps help the users to prevent extra data cost while roaming.

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