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Apple CEO Tim Cook believes that everyone has a right to privacy

Apple CEO Tim Cook made use of the U.S President Obama’s cybersecurity and consumer privacy summit by stressing the need for a strong need for privacy. The CEO announced that the company will be expanding encryption in products and services.tim-cook-1

Cook warned of “dire” consequences is the right of privacy is sacrificed and adding that people were still living in a world where they are not treated equally. The only high-profile CEO at the summit also stated that people do not feel free to practice religion or choose the one they love. Last year, Cook publicly revealed that he was gay as an initiative to promote LGBT rights.


“We deeply believe that everyone has a right to privacy and security,” said Cook.

Cook gave a message to the president by stating that people in positions of responsibility fail to protect privacy and can lead to risks in the way of life. He added that technology helped to avoid the risks. The strong remarks were seen on the behalf of the tech giants who are concerned at the government’s methods to weaken encryption. The absence of CEO’s from Facebook, Microsoft and Google was seen as a sign of protest.

During the meeting, Obama had revealed new plans for greater cooperation between government and private companies on information sharing. The president added that it was needed to work like anything before as there were many challenges in the digital age. During last year’s speech, Obama had agreed to limit spying on phone records though it is yet to come into action.

In December 2013, major tech companies including Apple formed Reform Government Surveillance Coalition has urged Obama to limit U.S surveillance and data collection programs. The companies are also revamping privacy and encryption methods after the leaks by ex-NSA executive Edward Snowden.

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