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Battlefield Hardline release date and hidden animations revealed

Battlefield Hardline was released in open beta for this week and allows users to play the game before the final release of the game for PS4, Xbox One, PS4, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. The latest player count on Twitter revealed that the open beta players has surpassed five million players.Battlefield-Hardline-Resolution-760x428

The open beta is released in the view of solving bugs and issues that come up in the final release of the game. This will help PC gamers in determining the benchmark preview for calculating their graphic card performance. The open beta will run on Xbox One at 60fps at 720p and PS4 will run at60fps at 900p. Gamers will be disappointed with the lack of 1080p resolution as the company promised earlier.


“The overall takeaway is that the Hardline Beta looks and feels very much like its predecessor,” said Digital Foundry after analyzing the game.

With the final release of the game during mid-march, users will not see any major fixes though there might be some improvements. Visceral CEO Steve Papoutsis announced that he needed feedback from  users as early as possible for as developers will be fixing the issues before the final release. However, users will not see any major fixes as there is hardly a month for the release.

Many gamers might have missed the animations in the game like the empty reload of weapons and strange animations. The creators also admitted that they were in the game and it was a challenge posed to players to find the hidden animations. Several users have posted reports about the animations within the game.

Battlefield Hardline is slated for release on March 17 and gamers hope that the publisher will fix some of the bugs within the game.

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