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iPad 5 revealed in leaked video shows as a bigger version of iPad Mini

Just after the iPhone hype has come and gone down, its the turn of iPad rumors to begin. A leaked video by Chinese parts supplier sw-box.com posted on their website this week which says is the shell for next iPad 5. The six minute video reveals the shell of  what narrator calls as iPad 5 which releases after iPad mini and 4th-gen iPad, as noted by Macrumors.



There is considerable difference in the size as the iPad 5 comes in at 241.2 mm high whereas the 4th-gen iPad is about 239.2 mm. the width of the iPad 5 is about 169.5 mm wide and the 4th-gen is 187.7 mm according to the video. Some of the differences between the tablets, a speaker on the center bottom of iPad 5  and a mirrored logo similar to iPad mini. another add on are two volume buttons instead of  one on the iPad 5 with an extra microphone on the back of the tablet.

iPad 5 seems to have taken a cue iPad mini with rounded corners, which was mainly designed for the grip and handling the device for longer periods of time. Though Apple has kept its silence on its iPad line up, rumors indicate that an iPad launch event would be held at Cupertino in Mid to late October just like they did last year.

Click Watch the Video of Leaked iPad 5:

Click Watch the Video of Leaked iPad 5:

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