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Human-like Robot Staff to Work at a Japanese High-Tech Hotel

In Japan, a new hotel is going to open in the month of July and it claims that it will be the first hotel with humanoid robots for serving the customers of the hotel – Henn-na Hotel.robot-staff-japan-hotel-1

The hotel named as Henn-Na Hotel that means Strange Hotel and the hotel will be entirely staffed by humanoid robots and it will be reside in the grounds of Huis Ten Bosch, a theme park in Japan. Initially, the hotel will feature three humanoid robots to work as receptionist in the reception desk. The owner of the Henn-na Hotel states that around 90% of the staffing works will be done by robots itself.


The robots will go for all sorts of task, such as conversing with incoming guests during check-in and also doing housekeeping activities. And there will a human staff available near the humanoids for assisting them.

 The feature of the hotel doesn’t end with these robots only, there is also facilities that allow the users to enter to their room via facial-recognition system instead of using traditional keys. The reservation for the hotel rooms are available and people can book them for only $77 for single bed and $374 for a high value room in the hotel.

The humanoids will act on the basis of how they are configured and in the meantime, they are not similar to the robots that found in science fiction movies. The robots that will be placed over the hotel reception will perform all the tasks that are similar to the real person who works in the reception area. Even in some consumer stores, 5 foot machines are being used to help the customers in the retail stores.

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