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Apple sparks rumors of next gen iPad even as it faces declining tablet sales

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) , for some time, has been struggling with an unenthusiastic market interest in its tablet products, ‘iPads’. Sales have been declining almost on a regular basis and consistently without indicating any signs of revival either now or anywhere in the near future.apple-ipad-air-2-mini-2-3

With several varieties available under its kitty for its tablets division, Apple Inc.’s latest moves to slash the prices of iPad Air 2 and iPad mini3 by almost 60% is a further evidence of the possible distress situation which Apple’s iPad department may be headed to. Although, this must be seen in the context of recent churnings in the rumour mill, which have sparked interest in the next gen tablet sub-brand from Apple. Many are speculating these new tablets to be named as either “iPad Pro” and/or “iPad Air Plus”.


2014’s disappointing performance hardly deterred the Cupertino giant from dabbling into newer next gen models for its tablets division. And hence, a lot of pressure has come to surround Apple’s executives to ensure that sales pick up in 2015. However, initial rumors have indicated that Apple could release a bigger screened device with a length of 12.9 inches. There are talks of the device having a 2K resolution and it will be supported with an 11,000 mAh battery power.

The rumored launch of the new device will be crucial for Apple to dispel any notions of a sliding user base, even as KGI Securities predicted a 30% fall in tablet sales for Apple, when compared to its sales figure in the past year. Analysts have predicted that the launch of the new tablet is likely to offset the sharp falling projections. This decline in sales of tablets is easily attributable to people’s growing interest in the usage of mobile phones with larger screens and/or phablets.

KGI securities’ Ming-Chi Kuo has also projected in his research note that, the 2015 iPad shipments may face resistance going over a figure of 45 million units in 2015. Last year, Apple had shipped a total of 63.4 million units. This was touted by Kuo as the most significant decline that would be experienced by Apple’s iPad in its 5 years of existence. Kuo, an analyst with KGI securities tracks Apple’s devices’ trends and for the last quarter, Kuo had predicted a near about 73 million unit sales for the latest offering from Apple’s iPhone avatar. Kuo’s predictive number came to be quite close to the actual figure when Apple confirmed shipments of 74.5 million units, last quarter.

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