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The Global Climate Problem may have just met its big solution

A groundbreaking new utilization method developed by scientists has shown that carbon dioxide can be trapped using baking soda, which is found in most commonly used bath soaps. This new method essentially absorbs carbon dioxide molecules before they are released into the air. This can potentially become a very cost-effective way for reducing the problem of increasing global emissions.carbon-dioxide-climate-change

This new methodology researched and developed by a team from the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Harvard University and the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign essentially functions as a molecular trapper for carbon dioxide. What really happens is that micro capsules, which contain a very thin permeable polymer shell inside, carry within themselves a sodium carbonate solution. The sodium carbonate solution reacts and absorbs the carbon dioxide molecules with the result that the harmful CO2 gas is not allowed to escape into the atmosphere.

Although, the idea behind trapping carbon dioxide molecules and preventing their escape is nothing new, however this methodology can turn out to be a clean solution to our civilization’s most prominent problem currently. Caustic fluids like monoethanol amine have been utilized before in carbon capture methods, but they have proved harmful on previous occasions. Thus, they are not looked at as a viable and long-term solution currently.

Owing to the clean method promised in this latest innovation, the researchers are already looking at this method to detoxify the atmosphere. The researchers at the National Energy Technology Laboratory are working on how to implement this mechanism in the effuses of heavy carbon emitters such as thermal power plants, gas-burning power plants and steel and cement producers. This clean method can potentially be the next game changer for the progress of our civilization as the baking soda that will be utilized in this process, can be recycled endlessly.

To address the growing menace of global warming, which has the potential to threaten our very existence, the 20th United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP20 or CMP10 was held in Lima, Peru was held very recently in December, 2014. However, the meeting could not achieve any success over the lack of consensus for a global climate agreement. If this technology becomes capable of mass production, the world’s major and imminent issues of climate deterioration can be immediately addressed. Additionally, a successful application of this method may also re-align political fences that have come up against each other over the issue of global warming.

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