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Cablevision launches Freewheel, inexpensive Wi-Fi only mobile service in the US

Freewheel, a Wi-Fi only mobile service officially launched nationwide plans on Thursday that aims to transform users phones into wifi calling devices.

It is an all wi-fi device that provides unlimited data, text and talk using any available wi-fi connection. Powered by Cablevision’s 1.1 million optimum wifi networks Freewheel constantly lines up your e mail, voicemails and texts as you move between one hotspot to the next.


It has been launched on special version of the first-generation Motorola’s Moto G smartphone that includes free wheel apps and is available at $99.95 if purchased via Freewheel. Optimized for Freewheel, the 4.5-inch Moto G promises all-day battery, quad-core speed, and Android 4.4 KitKat.

The service offers unlimited data- upload, download, plays and stream without any charge, unlimited call and text anywhere in the world with no hassles of annual contracts. Setting up of the device is also pretty easy and instructions are available on the Freewheel website.

Customers can avail the service now for $29.95-per-month. Optimum Online customers get a discounted price of $9.95. International calling rates are as low as 2 cents per minute; Freewheel allows up to $50 worth of calls each month. The company also offers to refund your money if you’re not satisfied with the services provided.
Kristin Dolan, top operating officer of Cablevision said that “Cellular was built for voice and Wi-Fi was built for data, which is why Wi-Fi is the preferred choice for data usage today. Freewheel integrates a high quality device backed by the strength of our professionally maintained carrier-grade Wi-Fi network. As the thirst for data continues to grow, Freewheel provides consumers with a better, faster data experience, all at a fraction of the cost of cellular.”

Cablevision Systems Corporation is a leading telecommunications and media company. Founded in 1973 as a cable television operator with 1,500 Long Island customers, Cablevision today offers television, phone and Internet services to millions of households and businesses in the New York metropolitan area. Cablevision recommends its new service to customers who overspend on data, are budget conscious, or don’t want to sign a multi-year contract.

Freewheel could benefit customers who spend a large amount of their time in offices, colleges, coffee shops or other wifi rich zones especially teenagers who usually opt for inexpensive services. However services like Skype, Republic wireless and likewise also provide options on the same pattern so Freewheel will surely have to face heavy competition.


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