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Web WhatsApp on PC/Mac: 7 major things they missed in this version

WhatsApp is a really useful and popular mobile application that created a buzz last year because of its billion dollar acquisition. It is available on all leading smartphones and its users have increased exponentially.05whatsapp4

The prime reason of its popularity is that it is free of any kind of advertisements and has a ton of features that make instant messaging really cool and fun.


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1) Mono Browser

The first and foremost problem with WhatsApp for PC/Mac is that it supports only 1 browser that is Google Chrome. The web version only works with Chrome and this may not please everyone. Users generally have their own favorite browsers that they are comfortable with and adopting Chrome for WhatsApp client is something we suspect they won’t do.

2) You cannot block from WhatsApp Web

Instant messaging has its pros and cons. While you are glad to stay in touch with your family and friends, but such platforms are often misused by creeps and annoying people as well. WhatsApp for Web has a downside here too. It will not let you block a nagging or irritating contact from your PC/Mac and you have to use the mobile app for the same. Better to stay inn mobile then?

3) Can’t change the Profile Picture or Status

Users love adding new status messages and profile pictures every now and then. With web client you will be unable to do so. This is the biggest indicator why Whatsapp for web needs improvement. We sincerely hope the web client for WhatsApp becomes more user friendly and has all the features of the mobile application.

4) Group Features Lacking

Have you started a popular group on WhatsApp? Then think before using the web version of WhatsApp. You cannot initiate a new group through WhatsApp on Web. Again, you have to use your smartphone for starting a new group. Also users cannot leave any group they are not interested in becoming a member of.

5) No iOS Support

This disadvantage got us thinking that how can a billion dollar start up can go so wrong. WhatsApp enjoys a really big chunk of iPhone and iPad users, but still the web version will only let Android and Blackberry owners use it. No iOS support is a really big problem of the newly launched WhatsApp for PC/Mac.

6) Smartphone dependency

It is not just iOS or Android, even Android users will have to keep their phone connected all the time, in order to use WhatsApp on PC/Mac. This strange dependency is surely a bad move by the really cool mobile app startup.

7) No Forwarding

Allowed Do you send texts to multiple people in a jiffy? Please do not switch to the web version of WhatsApp then. Forwarding option is also missing from the web client and this will surely frustrate you.

8) No Emoticons

People enjoy funny and quirky communication on WhatsApp because there are really cool emoticons on the mobile app; plus the no ad philosophy makes it a lot cleaner and user-friendly. But this is not the same for WhatsApp on Web. There are no emoticons and also it will be really difficult to input them via keyboard.

WhatsApp for mobile is indeed a great and really useful application, but this version for web needs a lot of improvement.

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