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Xiaomi Redmi Note 3G/4G: Issues and its fixes (display, camera, audio and more)

Xiaomi Redmi Note is probably one of the hottest devices in the market when considered the features that it provides. To add to it, Xiaomi Note, just like the other counterparts comes at a real unbeatable price, making the device the first choice for everyone who are looking forward to adding a smartphone to their belongings with high specs. But sadly,  Xiaomi has not been able to produce the device that one was expecting after the Redmi S and MI. To be true, the expectations rose considerably as Redmi Note certainly disappoints many.redmi-note_650_102214042532

Update (15/02/2015): Xiaomi has begun to roll out the latest MIUI v6.3.5.0 (KHIMIBL) stable firmware. The firmware is being packed in a 577MB file through OTA. This firmware is based on Android 4.4.4 KTU84P KitKat version. After testing with this new software update, it looks like most of the camera, music and lagging problems have been fixed by the company. You can see a significant change in the theme and user-interface of Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G handset. If you have received the update, let us know in the comments field below.


Xiaomi has created quite a reputation for itself with its devices. The sales recorded for the devices were way more that what was expected. The reports are that Xiaomi has already more than 50,000 units of Redmi Note in its first Flash Sale. But since then various reports have started flooding in with various complaints related to various components about the device. The array of complaints includes issues related to display, touch response, battery life, 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi issues, etc.

Main issues with Xiaomi Redmi Note:

Display Problems: Many reports from various individuals suggest that they are facing considerable issues with Xiaomi Redmi Note display. As it happens, the display seems to stay black during a phone call even after it is moved away from the ears. It is a normal fact that the screen goes black during a call while it is near the ears in order to prevent accidental disconnection of the ongoing call and lights up again once the mobile phone is moved.

Probable Cause: The probable reason for the disturbance is that fact that there might just be something wrong with the display of the Redmi Note Unit or the issue may well be on the Proximity Sensor. The proximity sensor is the unit responsible screen going black during calls.

Things You can do: Whatever be the case, the users are recommended to take on the hardware test in order to determine the faulty unit, it it exists. You can dial ‘*#*#64663#*#*’ in order to take on the test. In case, any component fails the hardware test, the users must take their devices to the nearest Xiaomi Service Center.

Charging Problems: Some of the users have also stated that they are facing a few problems with charging. The makers recommend the use of the original battery and chargers for the purpose of charging. If the issue still persists, the users must take their Xioami Redmi Note to the nearest service station.

Network Problems: The reports coming in from the users also include the issues that they are facing with the internet connection. According to the reports, there are a few Xiaomi Redmin Note units, which are unable to hold on to the Internet connection.

According to the makers, the probable reason for the issues with Internet connection, is the wrong settings being used. The users are advised to  ensure that they have proper internet settings installed. If the problem persists, the users should contact the Xiaomi Redmi Note service center.

In addition to the issues mentioned above, many users have also experienced more disturbances with the device. The audio stops suddenly when a headphone is connected to the device. The issues persist for both Google Play Music and MIUI audio player. The camera has also showed signs of trouble as some individuals report that it lags while on the move and forces ‘shut’ at time while it is being used.

There is no doubt about the fact that the device that Xiaomi has made, has exceptional features, but the mix has not been good and so have not been the results. One expects that Xioami will come out with the fixes soon enough.

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