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Lack of Internet in Cuba gives rise to the ‘Intranet Movement’

While an Internet connection, maybe taken for granted in the US, sighting so many carriers, giving you wireless internet up to high speeds, it may not be the same for Cuba. Cuba is not a well-connected country when it comes to the internet. The government laws are really strict as no pornography and political chit chat is allowed over the web. Also the least connected country has one of the costliest Internet services and people have to spend a lot in Internet cafes to browse for just an hour.10-gb-internet

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO Facebook, Inc. is trying to connect the whole world with Internet.org and he posted about the initiative Connect Cuba on Facebook too. But a small team of young Cubans has already started to improve the Internet situation in the country.


They have started their own Intranet to connect Cubans locally for chatting and entertainment purposes. They did not want to wait so long and therefore found out a cheap and friendly solution for all the Cubans. They used Ethernets and Wi-Fi antennas to build this intranet, which is a source of fun and entertainment for many residents.

Rafael Antonio Broche Moreno built it with his friends and started this movement all across Cuba, with more than 9,000 people using it on a regular basis. Global Internet in Cuba is set up by Americans and is very expensive. Also online services are highly priced in Cuba and Internet is not encouraged.

There are two major possibilities with this movement in Cuba is going on, either government of many countries like China, Iran, North Korea etc. will embrace country wise private and more secure networks or the world will be connected all together and Internet will be priced low. We hope things change in Cuba, where this Intranet is the only relief and way for people to connect, chat, share and play games.

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