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Dell Precision M3800 launched as a rival to Apple MacBook Pro

Dell has launched Ubuntu based notebook Dell Precision M3800 with a 15-inch screen and 4K resolution in a bid to compete with Apple MacBook Pro. The high-end notebook will be released worldwide includes Ubuntu 14.04 and will be priced from $1,533.dell-precision-m3800

Barton George, the company’s Director of Developer Programs stated that it the company’s move was a way to please programmers who has been requesting an official Ubuntu PC as it would be more powerful than any Linux PC. The company hopes to take advantage of the fact that Apple has not made any changes to the MacBook Pro.

By updating the Dell notebook to a 4K screen with 3,840×2160 touchscreen, it will prove to be a major advantage to the PC maker. The MacBook Pro has a resolution of 2,880×1800 and has not changed since 2012. The Precision is powered by fourth generation Intel i7 quad-core processor, NVIDIA Quadro K1100M graphic and 16GB memory.

Other changes include a new Thunderbolt 2 port, increased 2TB storage and with Linux or Windows OS. The full HD 1080p variant is priced at $1,649 while the 4K model with 16GB and 256SSD is priced at $2,179. Users can upgrade from the full HD by adding $70 and opting for the Ubuntu version will make a $101.50 reduction in price. Dell is providing more customization offers to consumers with different preferences.

However, Apple is expected to update its MacBook Pro soon and is expected to feature a similar 4K display and touchscreen feature. New Broadwell chipsets from Intel and USB TYPE-C ports will replace the old ports. The laptop is will also include Touch ID fingerprint feature, improved battery capacity and a better TrackPad.

The Dell Precision M800 is 18mm  thick and weighs 4.15 pounds, which the company described as the worlds thinnest and lightest true 15-inch workstation. Till Apple brings out the updated MacBook Pro, the latest laptop from Dell is likely to attract consumers especially programmers.

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